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Sentrina Lipa is not an ordinary community. It is designed to offer its residents with a high-class lifestyle. There are special features that were considered during the designing and construction process. Here are some of the amenities and facilities you will enjoy by living in Sentrina Lipa.


A lot has been done in terms of securing the community and its residents. First, the community has a perimeter electric wall. This has been installed to ensure that unauthorized people do not access the area. At the entrance, there are security personnel to guard the community. There is also a lobby where visitors can wait before they are ushered in. The visitor’s book at the gate records every person or vehicle entering the community.

There is also 24 hour security as there are several CCTVs in different parts of the community. Every house unit has been installed with an alarm system just in case of emergency.

Power and Water Supply

Do you live in building with limited water supply? Most urban houses have limited supply of water. If you want to live in a stress-free home in Batangas, this community should be your first priority. There is adequate supply of water by Metro Lipa Water District. The community also enjoys all time power supply Batelec II.

Swimming Pool

The community has a large swimming pool exclusively available to every resident. There is a kiddie pool specifically built for kids. The safety of kids is guaranteed as these pools are only accessed by kids with their parents’ permission.

Children’s Playground

This community is home to a lot of kids. To ensure that kids are kept busy, there is a playground with playing facilities such as swings. This is one place you can have fun together with your children during your leisure time or during weekends.

  • Village Clubhouse
  • Basketball Court
  • Swimming Pool
  • Children’s Playground
  • Landscaped Parks
  • Picnic Areas
  • Jogging Paths
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