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Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
3 Bedroom ₱ 2,450,000 79 sqm
Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
TCP (IN-HOUSE) 2.937.000
Reservation 20.000
20% Downpayment (less res. Fee) 567.400
DP Payable in 18 months 31.522,22
80% Balance (IN-HOUSE) 2.349.600
5 years @ 15% int. p.a. (IN-HOUSE) 58.810,32
10 years @ 17% int. p.a. 43.749,01
TCP (BANK FIN) 3.098.535
20% Downpayment (less res. Fee) 599.707
DP Payable in 18 months (BANK) 33.317,06
5 years @ 7% int. p.a. (BANK) 49.083,77
10 years @ 7% int. p.a. (BANK) 28.781,30
15 years @ 7% p.a. (BANK) 22.280,40
20 years @ 7% p.a. 19.218,33


Why Buy a Home in Sentrina Lipa

Lipa City is no doubt one of the fastest growing cities in Batangas. Due to various factors, a lot of people working in different cities are relocating to Lipa City. Sentrina Lipa provides a perfect home for anyone relocating to this area. Besides its Asian modern inspired homes, there are more reasons to buy a home in this community.


Do you work in any city around Batangas? Sentrina Lipa is well connected to every city around the District. There are various roads that connect the community directly from the gate to the city. There are also shuttle and buses offering public transport to anyone traveling to the city. This is the most convenient place you can live in Batangas.


This property is not only accessible but also close to some of the important facilities in our lives. First, its proximity to major towns and malls is an added advantage. It takes you less than 5 minutes to go for shopping in the nearby shopping mall. The community is also close medical facilities, schools and entertainment centers. Imagine enjoying urban life in a rural and quiet place away from the noisy city.

A variety of homes

We all have different preferences when choosing a house. For a young family, one would prefer a one or two bedroom unit. Large family may opt for 3 or 4 bedroom houses. Whichever your preference, this community contains all these house unit sizes. Looking at the different house models, you will realize that the models for every factor including the number of toilet and bath, dining area, family and living rooms. We highly recommend that you visit the area to have a look at these high-class houses.


Cost is a factor we all consider when buying a house. Of course, we want a home worth the price. Besides the size of these units, you need to consider the special amenities and facilities in this community. There is a reserved parking for all residents in the area. When you compare all these factors to the price, these are probably the most affordable house units in Batangas. The good news is that you can pay for these homes in installments. You can also take advantage of a home mortgage to acquire of the units.


We all consider the safety of our lives and property. We also want to raise our kids in a safe and secure place. First, this community has a perimeter wall which means that you kids are always within the community. There are also adequate security facilities to ensure that your property is secure. The inroads within the community are for pedestrians only which means that kids are protected from moving vehicles.

Sentrina Lipa is already complete and most units are occupied. There are a few units in the market. If you want to live in a quiet community away from town, then this is the place to be. This property provides a high life in a cool and environmental friendly area. From the balcony, you will love the cool breeze and green scenery of the landscape parks. This community has entered in the books as one of the best designed, spacious, luxurious and secure place to live in the Phillipines.

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